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$4995.00 for 10 Megabytes


March 8, 1983:

IBM Announced IBM PC

IBM announces the IBM Personal Computer XT (eXtended Technology). It features a Intel 8088 processor, 10MB hard drive, 128 kB RAM, 40Kb ROM and double-sided 360 kB floppy drive.



For $4995, it’s all yours. The machine was also called IBM Machine Type number 5160. The XT could support up to 256 kb on the motherboard.  You could get expansion cards to raise to 640 kb. The 8088 processor ran at 4.77 MHz. It weighed 32 lbs (desktop only) and was 19.5 inches wide by 16 inches deep and 5.5 inches high.


The IBM PC XT was the successor to the IBM PC. It was developed until April 1987.




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