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October 16, 1923:  Disney Brothers Studio Starts

On this day in 1923, Walt and Roy Disney start the Disney Brothers Cartoon studio after Walt Disney created a short film entitled, Alice’s Wonderland. In January 1926 with the completion of the Disney studio on Hyperion Street, the Disney Brothers Studio’s name is changed to the Walt Disney Studio.


Former site of Walt Disney Studios, Hyperion Avenue

Former site of Walt Disney Studios, Hyperion Avenue

Walt & Roy Disney

Walt & Roy Disney

After the demise of Alice, Disney developed an all-cartoon series starring his first original character, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, which was distributed by Winkler Pictures through Universal Pictures.

In 1986, the name was officially changed to the Walt Disney Company. Steve Jobs was a shareholder and board member. Walt Disney Studios is one of the largest in Hollywood with networks ESPN, ABC, A&E and more.

Evolution of Mickey

Evolution of Micky


This is a great video – 1923 film technology

Alice’s Wonderland is a Walt Disney short silent film, in black and         white, produced in Kansas City, Missouri. This short was the first of Walt Disney’s famous Alice Comedies and had a working title of Alice in Slumberland. The film was never shown theatrically, but was instead shown to prospective film distributors.

trolley troubles-more detail



Oswald the Lucky Rabbit’s first cartoon, 1927’s Trolley Troubles


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