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What do cell phone vibrators and fork lift trucks have in common?


December 13, 1895: Anyos Jedik Passes

What do cell phone vibrators and fork lift trucks, robots and hair dryers, a Prius and toothbrushes have in common?

Anyos Jedik was a Hungarian physicist and engineer, known best for his creation of the first electric motor.

All the above of course . . . use an electric motor.

4_064aÁnyos István Jedlik was a Hungarian inventor, engineer, physicist, and Benedictine priest. He was also a member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and author of several books. He is considered by Hungarians and Slovaks to be the unsung father of the dynamo and electric motor.

In 1827, Jedlik started experimenting with electromagnetic rotating devices which he called lightning-magnetic self-rotor and in 1828 demonstrated the first device which contained the three main components of practical direct current motors: the stator, rotor and commutator.


In the prototype both the stationary and the revolving parts were electromagnetic. The first electromotor, built in 1828, and Jedlik’s operating instructions are kept at the Museum of Applied Arts in Budapest. The motor still works perfectly today.


On the lighter side

Xmas Gift Ideas
What to give your favorite electrical engineer for Christmas?

Little motor: “Grandpa, why do you have 4 wires and I only have two?”
Big motor: “That’s just a phase that’s going through you.”

One photon to another: I am sick and tired of your interference.

Then there was the electrical engineer that was putting sea water in his batteries without the boss knowing. He was arrested for salt-in-battery, but even though the charge wouldn’t hold up, he is sitting in his cell serving two current sentences.

A lady took her CD player into the repairman. “I am afraid you have a short circuit,” he told her.
She said “I don’t care how much it costs, lengthen it.”


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