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January 30, 2007: Windows Vista Released ~ Users Exodus

This day in 2007, Microsoft releases Windows Vista. Vista came in many different flavors; Home, Home Premium, Business, Enterprise, Ultimate, Home Basic N and Business N. Six years after the launch of Windows XP this was the next latest, greatest version of the Microsoft operation system. Vista introduced many new features including the redesigned start button and glass borders. The Ultimate version even had active background, where your desktop picture could be moving.


The OS didn’t live up to expectations and caused a lot of driver errors, numerous incompatibility, stability, and other onerous problems. Vista was soon replaced by Windows 7. While Microsoft actually made Vista much more palatable after 2 Service Pack upgrades, the damage was already done. Vista’s reputation never recovered. Many wonder if this is why Microsoft so quickly followed with Windows 7, only two years later.

imagen2_zpsc8a25a23 161618-bob-dog_180






Andy McCarthy an IT consultant for Affinity Inc. adds that, “Vista was about as useful as Microsoft Bob.”

For those of you who didn’t know, “Bob” was 7th place in PC World magazine’s list of the 25 worst tech products of all time, number one worst product of the decade by, and a spot in a list of the 50 worst inventions published by Time magazine.

post-2-1200260153 working-daze-02-oct-2007 vistajoke11 vistajoke71 vistajoke41

This is the funniest MS Vista Ad


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