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$2100.00 = $2,969,600.00


March 13, 1986: Microsoft Goes Public

On this day in 1986, Microsoft stock became available to the public. It went for $21.00 a share. 2.5 million shares were sold, raising the price to 27.75 and netting the company 61 million initially.

goes_public 1986_microsoft_ipo_cover







Since then, the highest it has gone was 57.91 on Dec 24th, 1999. Yet with about 10 stock splits and several dividends in 24 years, people definitely got their money’s worth. If you would have purchased 100 shares in 1986 and let those shares ride until today, you would have 102,400 shares of stock at approximately $29 a share.

Let me state that another way. If you spent $2100.00 in 1986 for Microsoft stock, today those shares would be worth $2,969,600.00!!!

BG and MS

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