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Tony Hawk Hover Board


April 2013: Hover Board Introduced

On this day in 2013, HUVrTech, along with Tony Hawk, introduce the new Hover Board, a concept first seen in the iconic movie, Back to the Future, with Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd.

fox hoover


In the latest promotional video, Tony Hawk, Lloyd and a few Hollywood big names came together to promote the new “wheel-less” skate board which is expected to be available this summer.

Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk

Super Solid.

Made from only two machined pieces of paramagnetic titanium, the board has an uncompromised strength-to-weight ratio. The surface finish layers high temperature ceramic-based paint with abrasion resistant epoxy for maximum durability.


The footpad is made of an injection-molded resin and covered with a layer of high-grip foam. Additionally, the footpad can be rotated up to 180 degrees for an optimal stance – lock and unlock is controlled via the HUVr mobile app.


Actress Agnes Bruckner


Turn it on. Hit the road.

The HUVr App is the control center for the HUVr Board. You activate the board via Bluetooth before each use and track route information such as path, distance, speed, and travel time. You can also rate and share locations with the HUVr community or via social media to Twitter and Facebook.

Terrell Owens

Terrell Owens

Although price has not been divulged as of this writing, it is expected to be very cost prohibited. But as happens with most technology, when production capabilities improve, price tends to drop. Hopefully the price will be reachable for the average person.


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